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Why Choose Fitted Kitchen Design Nottingham For Your New Bespoke Room?

Fitted Kitchen Design Nottingham still maintains its position as the leading supplier and installer of high-quality kitchens in our area. Our clientele comprises not just retail but trade customers as well.

We value the fact that the customer comes first and it’s for this reason that we have designed our services to meet and exceed your expectations, right from the initial consultation and design to manufacturing and installation.

Each kitchen definitely has its specific requirements and our experienced designers and manufacturers can bring the kitchen of your dreams to life.

Thanks to our versatility and skill, we are able to serve clients from different fields.

Just to name a few, we can serve highly commercial enterprises such as five-star hotels, sophisticated modern apartments and suburban homes.

Our confidence lies in our proven ability to offer quality and premium kitchen designs that suit all budgets and multiple lifestyles.

We always put in the time, effort and every skill required to put out detailed designs and unique solutions that fit every kitchen’s requirements.

To help you get a clear understanding of what we offer when it comes to kitchen designs, we have compiled a collection of everything right from traditional and classical to contemporary and of course the ultra-modern.

Just browse our website and you’ll be able to view them.

Fitted Kitchen Design understands your needs and we are always ready to listen to you.

So give us a call anytime if you have any inquiries or other concerns and we’ll be happy to discuss them and offer you the best solutions.

” Good kitchen design is not just an option, it is the most important part of your project.

To maximise the available space in a way that improves efficiency, and at the same time deliver a room that is the focal point of your home”.

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Here are some of our most asked questions

Why should I renovate my kitchen?

Here are the top reasons why many homeowners, hotels, commercial enterprises, and other people or institutions from different fields choose to upgrade their kitchens:

  • To raise the value of a property, especially when planning to resale it.
  • To improve on an outdated, deteriorating, or old kitchen
  • To adapt to modern trends and styles in kitchen design
  • To cut down on energy plus other household costs
  • To suit one’s taste tastes and preferences or other priorities.

How long do kitchen upgrades take?

The amount of time it takes to upgrade or install your new kitchen will depend on the size of the kitchen, work involved, and the complexity of the job. Naturally, the average it takes to renovate or install a new standard kitchen is between 2 and 8 weeks.

Do you supply kitchen products?

Yes, we supply all the kitchen products required in the kitchen remodelling or installation process. And seeing that many of our previous customers have been satisfied with the products we use in their kitchen, we’ve chosen to only work with top brands because of the unrivalled product quality. 

What types of kitchen services do you provide?

At Fitted Kitchen Design, we offer the following services to our clients:

  • Customized kitchen designs
  • Installation of new tailored kitchens
  • Installation and replacement of kitchen accessories and units (worktops, cabinets, storage options, lighting etc.)
  • Help in selecting and buying your preferred kitchen units

You can learn more about what we offer by talking to us on 01157 365866 or sending an email to info@fittedkitchendesign.co.uk or filling in our contact form.

Are your kitchen services inclusive of other services such as plumbing, painting, lighting etc.?

Yes, our team comprises all experts in all other services that are involved in the kitchen remodelling and installation process. You can be sure that each component of your kitchen that relates to lighting, plumbing, painting, electrics and so on will be done to perfection.

After we reach an agreement, how soon can I expect the project to begin?

Provided you are comfortable with the kitchen designer’s plan and they have your approval, our team of seasoned experts will get down to work immediately and ensure the kitchen of your dreams is delivered on time.

Are there dedicated tasks that I can cover so as to reduce the project cost?

Yes. As always, we take into account all tasks that are involved in the kitchen installation and remodelling process for pricing purposes. However, we can dedicate some tasks over to you that will help bring the cost down. This includes tasks such as demolition. Also, we’ll share necessary advice on how you can go about such tasks.

Do you have insurance coverage?

Yes, our insurance coverage includes general liability and workers compensation insurances.

Do I have to make any preparations before the remodelling process starts?

Yes, we suggest that for the sake of safety and to avoid any delays, you empty your entire cabinets and clear your kitchen. Also, keep your foodstuffs and other kitchen stuff in a secure place.

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