Enjoy Your Kitchen by Keeping It Trendy

Enjoy Your Kitchen by Keeping It Trendy

The kitchens of today are truly a far cry from their predecessors. Although everything is still similar, it is not the same. The components like the oven, sink, cabinets and shelves and worktop have evolved into something of a fashion statement.

Understandably, acquiring a whole new kitchen may be out of the question due to its financial implications. However, a few well placed tweaks can revamp your kitchen and turn it into a haven for your family and friends alike.

Several things can shed the drab from your hearth. Here are four of the main ones

  • Color

  • Fixtures

  • Automation

  • Functionality


Gray: Gray has gained a lot of popularity because it works great as a base color. A gray backdrop can really accentuate any other color used in the kitchen without diminishing its own amazing charm. In fact, gray has drawn the fascination of the interior design world who love to combine it with wood finishings for a bold statement.

Assorted Hues:  A well placed spot of color will turn your kitchen from a basic space into a trendy atmosphere. For example, place a hue infused sink in place of the usual stainless steel option and see the change in character of your kitchen space.


Lights: Finding ways to install light into your kitchen that is out of the ordinary will keep your space enchanting. Place lights long wooden beams, let them hang like pendants or keep them as lamps for a fresh design. For the bolder soul, perhaps you could try a glamorous fitted chandelier.


Using color, intricately designed knobs and even stained glass in the kitchen can make your space look creative while still remaining functional.You can work any of these elements into the face of the cabinets or the sides depending on your preference.


An automated kitchen is impressive. From hands free faucets that are kid friendly to lights that are sensor activatedto illuminate when someone is in the kitchen you are able to save energy and keep your kitchen safe at the same time.


Space: Space is a huge factor in trendy kitchen spaces. The lay out maximizes the space allocated for food preparation as well as the actual cooking room. For example, the countertop and the island top are combined but enough room is allocated so that your movements are minimized during the cooking process.

Mixed color countertops: These countertops are very chic and stylish. However, in addition to being an interior design statement, the colors can camouflage scratches and stains that would otherwise stand out in other kitchens.


Your kitchen is a reflection of your personality and needs. In this day and age you do not have to be stuck with a kitchen that does not mirror your everyday life. If you like to entertain and cook for people in your home make your kitchen a two prong space.

Create a table where you can all congregate and stools around the counter top where people can keep you company with a good glass of wine as you cook. Remember you spend time in there everyday. Why not make it a space you enjoy.


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