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Acrylic doors or cabinets are the key highlights of modern kitchen designs. When paired well with other components such as textured melamine, you are sure to end up with a kitchen defined by elegance and sophistication.

Our facility manufacture all kinds of acrylic doors and cabinets. And besides availing them to you in multiple colour pallets and sizes, we can colour-blend the edge detail or we could let them have a unique duo edge application.

Acrylic – Almond and Beige Metallic

Acrylic Kitchen – Acrylic Grey Metallic

Acrylic Kitchen – Acrylic White & Mirror

Acrylic Kitchen – Acrylic White & Light Grey


Acrylic Kitchen – Beige Metallic & Mira Cosa

Acrylic Kitchen – Acrylic Grey Metallic

Acrylic Kitchen – Acrylic Cream and Maccasar

Acrylic – Cream and Grey Brown Avola

Acrylic Kitchen – Acrylic Cashmere


Integrating curves into your kitchen design usually soften the kitchen’s angular aspect and adds a focal point. More importantly, elegant and practical curves add style to the kitchen, turning it into an incredible piece of art.

As leaders in this, we offer a wide range of curved units, from wood to acrylic to Vinyl, name it and we are ready to help you integrate them into your kitchen.

Acrylic Kitchen – Acrylic White & Mirror

Acrylic Kitchen – Acrylic White & Light Grey

Curves Kitchen – Acrylic Frost White

Curves Kitchen – Milton Charcoal

Curves Kitchen – Acrylic Light Grey

Curves Kitchen – Acrylic Cashmere

Curves Kitchen – Remo Dove Grey

Curves Kitchen – Panavola Charcoal and Ivy

Curves Kitchen – Cornel Alabaster Curves


Our facilities manufacture all kind of fairwood doors and usually, the doors came as a single piece with an additional PVC edge. As for the size, we offer both standard and special and when it comes to colour, there’s a range of three to choose from: single colour gloss, single color matt and wood grain effect.

Fairwood Kitchen – Fairwood Matt Dakar

Fairwood Kitchen – Fairwood Matt Light Grey

Fairwood – Gloss Ivory & Walnut Tiepolo

Fairwood Kitchen – Fairwood Matt White

Fairwood Kitchen – Gloss Cashmere


Dozens of homeowners seem to have fallen in love again with the clean, effortless and cool look that characterises a handle-less kitchen.

Even though its popularity traces back to the 70s, the design is back and thanks to its contemporary ambiance, its popularity is unstoppable now. 


J Door – Matt Dakar

J Door – Gloss White

Acrylic Kitchen – Acrylic Grey Metallic

J Door Kitchen – White Matt J Door

Handle-Less – Acrylic Dark Grey Super Matt

Handle-Less Kitchen – Acrylic Black

Handle-Less Kitchen – Acrylic White

Handle-Less Kitchen – Acrylic Grey Metallic

Handle-Less – Panavola Charcoal and Ivory

Handle-Less Kitchen – Beige J Doors

Handle-Less Kitchen – Acrylic Grey Metallic


Painted kitchen units are a favorite to many homeowners due to their practicality. Painted units will blend effortlessly in a contemporary or ultra-modern design.

Painted – In-Frame White & Plummett*

Painted In-Frame – Cashmere and Stone Grey

Painted Kitchen – Bordeaux Alabaster

Painted Kitchen – In-Frame Soller and Charcoal

Painted Kitchen – Bordeaux Soller

Painted Kitchen – Bordeaux Biscuit

Painted Kitchen – Bordeaux Soller and Biscuit

Painted Kitchen – In-Frame Stone and Almond


If you care about cabinet styles, you are definitely going to like the Shaker door. It’s a constant item in kitchen design that comes in multiple colour variations. We supply them all and the best thing is that painted kitchen units are not just stylish but timeless.

Shaker Kitchen – Shaker Stone Grey

Shaker Kitchen – Shaker Dove Grey

Shaker Kitchen – Dakar Shaker

Shaker Kitchen – White Shaker

Shaker Kitchen – Soller Cream Shaker

Shaker Kitchen – White and Grey Shaker


Innovative and creative kitchen worktops add plenty of a life to a kitchen. Whether its quartz, laminate, marble, granite, solid timber, corian, we have them all. Best of all, we offer complete made-to-measure service and just about any service that will ensure a clean and proper installation of the worktops.

Worktops Kitchen – Granite Worktops

Worktops Kitchen – Quartz Worktops

Worktops Kitchen – Granite Worktops

Handles & Accessories

A comprehensive range of Handles are stocked by Panorama Kitchens. From the most popular to the most stylish and some specified by our own in house design team. Don’t hesitate to pop in to one of our showrooms for more options.

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