The Future of the Kitchen

The kind of kitchen’s found on today’s market can only be described by one word: discerning. Yes, a discerning kitchen. It knows what you need, when you need it and how you need it.

Of course you have to program it to do all those things before hand to make your life easier. For example, the heat thermometer willlet you know that your pot roast is done by sending a message to your smart phone.

But are these advancements tools or vices?

While some people are quite taken by the technology of the 21st century kitchen, others are bemoaning the loss of the “good old” smoke billowing stoves and rudimentary kitchen set ups.

They argue that it made the kitchen more homely as opposed to the sterile feel of today’s kitchen.

However, the modernization of the kitchen has not in any way taken away the function of the kitchen: it has only made it better with

Touch and swipe controls

Electromagnetic heat (induction cooktop) has taken over the gastronomic world. By touching your smart phone screen you can control

  • Boiling
  • Simmering
  • Baking
  • Roasting

This technology has made cooking more intuitive and hassle free. All these qualities put it ahead of it radiating heat counterpart which is increasingly seen as unsafe and cumbersome.

Synchronized appliances

You can synchronize the microwave and oven to perform their various functions without your physical presence. For example, using you smart phone’s blue tooth you can program your appliances to open vents when they are in use or keep specific cooking or heating times for certain food preparation. Imagine being able to cook all our meals simultaneously and having them ready at the same time.

Studies show this has been considered a viable option for senior citizens

Steam ovens

There was a time I am sure when having a conventional oven was considered being ahead of the times. Times change and so do the workings of appliances. The oven is here to stay but it has been reinvented in order to use steam.

The steam is combined with conventional heat to prepare your meals. All you have to do is put your food inside and it will choose whether to steam or cook with conventional heat. It comes with preprogrammed recipes for cooking food. You can also give it a time frame to have your dish ready.

Extra fridge storage

Fridges have come a long way from the time foods used to take on each other’s smells and odors to a time when everything in your fridge remains crisp and fresh as when it was produced. There are options with storage zones designated to keep meats, fish, vegetables and take away separate from each other to keep them uncontaminated.


Without a doubt, the futuristic kitchen has a lot more intrigues to offer us than we may be prepared for at the moment. Certainly, we will adapt quickly and accordingly to these advancements since they make life so much easier for us. But importantly, we will enjoy the amazing lifestyle changes the 21st century has allowed us to part of.

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